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5 Effective Ways of using Twitter Chats for your Business

Twitter, among other social media networks can be (as you may have learnt by now) a key component in reaching customers and marketing your product/service.  One of the many features that stand out has to be Twitter chats.  This is a helpful tool for businesses as it has the ability to assist businesses in engaging with their followers by reaching them with the relevant message – when marketing their products or services.

So, just in case you’ve been living under a rock in the past few months, a Twitter Chat is when a group of people post messages at a scheduled time, around a specific topic. These messages are accommodated by a relevant hashtag, so that businesses and people involved in the chat can track conversations around that topic.

How can your business benefit from using Twitter Chats?

1.  Twitter chats have the ability to assist businesses in connecting with customers and prospects.

“Hosting an event is a great way for a business to bring its potential and current base together to learn, engage and build a deeper relationship.”Social Media Examiner.

Not all businesses have the ability to host massive events and seminars, although businesses do possess the ability to host a Twitter chat. The key is helping your business connect and engage with current/potential customers by selecting a topic that resonates with them.

The conversation is in the topic! Your current customers will without a doubt join in the conversations, but this is also an opportunity to reach out to your potential customers.

As your chat grows, your business will receive exposure thus building trust among prospects within your industry.

2.  Twitter chats have the ability to introduce you as a thought leader and assist you in building authority.

Twitter chats have the ability to assist businesses in building authority and introducing themselves as thought leaders in the industry in the eyes of their current/potential customers.

“Appearing as a chat guest to answer questions about your area of expertise is a sure-fire way to boost your authority.” 

One of the ways in which you can become a guest expert for a Twitter chat is by tweeting the chat host on a regular basis and acting as a resource in one of the chats. Another way is to attend as many chats as you can related to your industry, chip into the conversations by giving valuable industry information and familiarising yourself with the host.

This is a great opportunity to gain new followers and to introduce yourself as a thought leader in your industry. This can therefore further open opportunities to possible leads for your business because people in the chat have seen that you are knowledgeable in topics related to your industry.

3.  Creating relationships with current and potential customers.

“As an active participant in a Twitter chat, you have the chance demonstrate your knowledge to customers and colleagues. The more often you participate in a specific Twitter Chat, the more relationships you form…”

Need I say more? Twitter chats have the ability to help businesses create relationships with potential customers.

4.  Twitter chats help businesses to be more informed.

“Not everything has to be about your businesses bottom line. Attending chats in your industry as a spectator can be a great educational experience.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself, getting involved in industry chats allows you to keep yourself updated on the latest industry trends. It assists you in keeping informed and having the upper hand when creating innovative ways of keeping your business relevant in delivering effective results to your customers.

5.  Twitter Chats have the ability to promote your brand.

The following opportunities exist (as suggested by Social Media Examiner);

  • A mention of your business as a sponsor.
  • Promotion of your product/service.
  • Positioning of your business as the featured guest.
  • Advertising banners on pages/website.

Have you been involved in a Twitter chat? Share your comments below.


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